Assignment Description

Assignment Code: EC0714ID02

Assignment Title: Librarian Management Trainer

Name of Host Organisation (HO): Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri 3 Kendari (SMKN 3 Kendari)

Name of Australian Partner Organisation (APO):

Assignment Location: Kendari, Indonesia (Remote Location)

Assignment Duration: 6 months

Proposed Start: January 2015

Host Organisation Description:

Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan Negeri 3 Kendari (SMKN 3 Kendari), or the State Vocational High School 3 Kendari, was established in 1969 and is located in central Kendari. It is a tourism school that educates and prepares students to work in hotels, beauty salons, the fashion industry, and restaurants.

It currently employs 81 staff and caters to 612 students, 91 per cent of which are female. The school is large, easily accessible and a ‘go green’ school meaning that there are lots of trees and flowers on campus.

Assignment Summary:

The Librarian Management Trainer will work within SMKN 3 Kendari to create an international standard Electronic Library System (ELS) and build staff capacity in library and electronic management.

With key staff, the volunteer will manage the layout of the library and review the administration and management systems, providing improvements as necessary. Training will be conducted to implement all new management systems, as well as developing a self-access system for student searches and check in/check out processes. An ELS will be developed through the volunteer: providing initial recommendations; working with staff to secure funding; collaborating on ELS development; and training the team in ELS maintenance. The volunteer will also work with staff to develop a campaign to encourage students to read, including stakeholder communication and providing books and references.

These objectives will contribute to improving educational outcomes for students and enhancing their future educational and professional opportunities.

Assignment Outcomes:

• Strengthen staff skills in managing the school library
• Develop an Electronic Library System (ELS)
• Increase number of students reading through developing a ‘Let’s Read Campaign’

Essential Minimum Qualifications:

• Tertiary qualifications in Librarianship, Information and Media Management or a related field

Essential Minimum Experience:

• Two years of experience as a librarian


• Ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia or a willingness to learn

Description of Assignment Location:
Kendari is the capital of Sulawesi Tenggara (South East Sulawesi) province, which is located on the island of Sulawesi. The province has no highway connecting it with the rest of the island, but there is a small airport in Kendari and boat travel is also common. Kendari’s climate is humid and tropical, so light loose clothing is ideal. Wakatobi is a popular tourist destination in Sulawesi Tenggara for its diving and snorkelling opportunities.

The city itself is known for its handicraft production including metalwork, weaving and woodwork, and its ceremonial events including traditional dancing. It is a small city with approximately 300 000 people and is free from the traffic issues which affect other Indonesian cities. Motorcycles are a common means of transport throughout Indonesia. If volunteers wish to ride motorcycles while on assignment it is highly recommended that they are already competent or undertake a learner course in Australia before arriving. A motorcycle license is not required for riding as a passenger (for example on a motorcycle taxi).

Cultural Tips
• The official language is Bahasa Indonesia, with other regional languages also being spoken. English is the most widely spoken foreign language
• Islam is the dominant religion, so it is important to observe conservative customs
• Due to limited exposure to Western foreigners in Kendari, volunteers are likely to attract attention (usually friendly) when walking in the streets and marketplace
• It is important that volunteers are prepared to learn Indonesian and adapt to the local Sulawesi culture
• Pick pocketing and traffic accidents are the most common risks to volunteers, so the usual precautions should be taken

Information on Accommodation Options:
Assistance with the identification of suitable, secure and affordable accommodation will be provided by the In-Country Management Team and the Host Organisation.